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Increasing Revenue through Continuous Improvement

Recent surveys confirm that effective Continuous Improvement programs are critical to future growth and success at manufacturing companies. Here's a report on results from two surveys – the Next Generation Manufacturing survey and the Breakthrough Objectives and Continuous Improvement Report survey.

"While the economic downturn has been difficult for many Americans -- including small manufacturers -- the Next Generation Manufacturing survey reveals steps and investments that can be taken to remain competitive in the next generation of manufacturing."
~ Carrie Hines
Executive Director of the American Small Manufacturers Coalition

Choosing a Consultant

When you are selecting an Operational Excellence consultant, many important criteria must be considered. Here is a list of capabilities and methodologies to be included in your decision-making process.

Brokers, Buyers, Private Equity

Operational Assessments and Operational Improvement Plans are critical elements for any Business Sale preparation or Business Purchase Due Diligence process. Make Ops Savvy part of your evaluation team. Click below to contact us for information on our Business Evaluation services.

Keep More Cash by Improving Your Operations

Your company generates revenue through its Operations activities. Your profitability depends upon the efficiency and effectiveness of these activities. Yet, most manufacturing companies operate far from their ideal.

Does your company show symptoms that indicate a need for Operational improvement?

  • Recurring part shortages
  • Late deliveries to your customers
  • Significant expediting and re-prioritizing of work
  • Quality issues
  • Low inventory turns

Ops Savvy helps small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies improve the performance of their Operations processes. Using tools and methodologies from Lean, Visual Management, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, and Project Management, we work with you to develop and execute tailored Process Improvement Projects that bring excellent returns on your investment.

Continuous Improvement works. When done properly, it delivers results that directly improve revenue, operating profit, and cash flow.

Be Prepared to Grow Your Business Revenues

As the economy improves, is your company ready for increasing orders?

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations frees up capability. The recent recession, ongoing pricing pressures, and the continued need to "do more with less" have probably caused you to reduce costs in your operations. But now you have questions:

  • Does your company have the ability to meet an upturn in revenues?
  • Are your Operations processes robust and efficient?
  • Would additional process improvements help your company meet future challenges?
  • How do you add capability without going back to the inefficient ways of the past?

Today, business leaders are uncertain how to pursue Operations improvements. Most have tried Lean or Six Sigma, and for many the results were mixed. It seems like a new "guru" appears every few months, promising to solve all business problems. Lots of new business books appear each year, all claiming to offer a new key to improving business results.

How can a busy leader make the right decisions on how to move forward?

Let Us Be Your Trusted Advisor

At Ops Savvy, we believe that business leaders don't need more books on their Operations issues. Many proven tools and methodologies already exist to help an organization do the right things, do them the right way, and do them at the right time. Where you may need help is determining which tools are best suited for your particular situation, and how to best apply them to get the desired results. This is the kind of help we provide at Ops Savvy.

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